Volume several (1976) [ revise | edit provider ]

Volume several (1976) [ revise | edit provider ]

Examinations of your own worst off Bury [zero journalist]. Selection of poor people which checked up until the overseers of bad. Provides the time, identity, field, set created, wife’s title and you can children’s. Blog post covers the years 1790 – 1848 on parish Bury, Lancashire. Blog post throughout the Manchester Genealogist, Spring 1975 v. eleven #step one, pgs 13-fifteen

Article talks about recent years 1796 – 1908 from the parishes away from Petworth inside the Sussex, England, together with Lancashire, The united kingdomt, and you will Waterloo, France

Out-of boots, vessels, and you may sailormen because of the Keith L. Watson. A story malfunction of your author’s choose the fresh Hewetson members of the family. John Hewetson partnered Sarah Age Caesar twenty-five December 1854 within Bethnal Environmentally friendly, St. John’s. They had four youngsters. Post regarding The newest Manchester Genealogist, Spring season 1975 v. eleven #1, pgs 16-20

New baptismal information away from St. Nicholas, Liverpool, 1793 – 1800 [zero blogger]. Baptisms relating to the Welsh events inside. Host to wedding from parents is provided and additionally schedules out of beginning regarding child, identity, dad’s profession, reputation regarding youngster during the friends, and you will mom’s identity. Blog post discusses recent years 1793 – 1797 in the parish from Liverpool, Lancashire. Blog post on The newest Manchester Genealogist, Spring season 1975 v. 11 #dos, pgs step three-cuatro

Kershaw loved ones info [no writer]. Copies away from entries in a vintage prayer-book owned by brand new Kershaw household members hence get in touch with Edmund and you may Esther Kershaw out-of Cheadle parish 1771 – 1838. Blog post talks about many years 1771 – 1738 in the parishes off Cheadle, Cheshire, and you may Stockport, Lancashire. Post regarding the Manchester Genealogist, Springtime 1975 v. eleven #dos, pg eleven

The 1801 census off Edgworth [zero copywriter]. A listing of names off society from Edgworth written in brand new Bolton Chronicle November 24, 1906 called “Edgworth a good Century Before,” Edgworth was a good township within the Bolton Parish. Article talks about the year 1801 on parish out of Bolton, Lancashire. Post throughout the Manchester Genealogist, Spring season 1975 v. 11 #2, pgs twelve-13

Regimental marriages Manchester Collegiate Church [no writer]. Set of e, rating, equipment, and you can brides’ identity and you may if or not from the licenses. Post shelter the years 1805 – 1813 on the parish Manchester, Lancashire. Article throughout the Manchester Genealogist, Spring season 1975 v. eleven #dos, pg 15

Inspections of the terrible of Bury. Study of the poor giving go out, name(s) description regarding head out of house, his record, also household members, ages of students. Blog post discusses the years 1790 – 1815 in the parish from Bury, Lancashire. Blog post regarding the Manchester Genealogist, Spring season 1975 v. 11 #dos, pgs sixteen-17

Post discusses the years 1807 – 1880 on the parishes regarding London area and you can Bethnal Eco-friendly inside the Middlesex

Radcliffe e, place, profession and you can bride’s title. Post talks about many years 1557 – 1761 throughout the parish away from Radcliffe, Lancashire. Blog post on the Manchester Genealogist, 1975 v. eleven #step 3, pgs step three-8

New story of the Blade while the Medal from the Peter Zimmerman. George Stemp was created from the Petsworth, Sussex, regarding 1796. He signed up about Regal Routine of the wagon instruct at the Bend when you look at the 1813. He served within the The netherlands and you can France, Isle regarding Wight and was a student in the fight regarding Waterloo. He hitched along with one young child produced from the 1827. Blog post on the Manchester Genealogist, 1975 v. 11 #3, pgs 18-20

The newest St. Paul’s Separate Chapel documents; Wigan [no creator]. Removed info away from immigrant family out-of Ireland and you will parts of England away from Lancashire. Gives parent’s names kissbrides.com blogglГ¤nk, where out-of, little one’s label and day away from beginning. Article covers the years 1778 – 1830 throughout the parish regarding Wigan, Lancashire. Post about Manchester Genealogist, 1975 v. 11 #step 3, pgs 21-23

Radcliffe marriages [continued] [zero author]. Went on checklist giving big date off e. Listings Grundy in order to Ogden. Article talks about recent years 1557 – 1796 on the parish off Radcliff, Lancashire. Post in the Manchester Genealogist v. a dozen #1 1976, pgs step 3-8

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